The campground didn't have any heat or AC in the laundry room

My wife and I like to take the kids camping.

  • Both of us were camping enthusiasts when we met and we want our children to enjoy the great outdoors as well.

We have a big tent with a couple of air mattresses and sleeping bags. We also have lanterns, lights, water jugs, and lots of camping gear. During the warm weather months, my wife and I take the kids camping every single weekend. We always go to the same campground. It’s close to the house, but it has a lot of nice amenities and a huge lake for fishing. I love fishing and I take the kids on the water too. Sometimes we rent kayaks and sometimes we take a big pontoon boat on the water for the whole day. It depends on the weather and the money in the bank. Last November, my wife and I took the kids camping for the last time of the season. We knew it was going to be cold, but we didn’t want to go all winter without one more trip to the lake. Unfortunately, the campground closed the laundry room for repairs to the heat and AC. When we visited, the laundry room was closed for heat and AC repairs, so we couldn’t dry our sleeping bags when it rained and poured overnight. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the closure and we had to leave a full day early due to the weather conditions. I hope things are finally fixed when we take our first trip of the season to the mountains next weekend.
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