The sunroom is accessible all the time now

When we chose to move down south to start our retirement chapter of life, it was with the thought that the more sun the better our lives would be.

This perspective was forged from facing 60 plus frosty seasons.

And these were the style of frosty seasons that lasted as little as 5 months and several times longer than that. Most of that time we were inside the HVAC comfort of our residence or work. Neither of us were very big into frosty season outdoor activities. In fact, just dealing with all the snowy weather and ice removal was a significant hassle. And it didn’t get any better the more we became older. So we basically had our eyes set on living in the warmer weather for the last decade or so. Once we were able to make the move, the frosty season was everything we expected. And we seriously loved spending time in the sunroom each day during that first mild frosty season. In all honesty, it took a good amount of getting accustomed to the heat and humidity of the hot season. That is a true statement. But it was a pretty nice trade off. Plus, the HVAC heat pump did such an unbelievable task at making our residence cooler in order to manage the peak heating hours inside the day. Yet, we were kind of bummed out that we were not able to appreciate the sunroom quite as much. It was just too tepid in that spot. However, after a pretty decent amount of research, I found the perfect solution. We easily had a ductless HVAC machine put in the sunroom. So now we had a fully independent HVAC cooling source for the sunroom. This made it completely possible to once again appreciate the sunroom even with the horrendous heat.

Duct sealing