When my uncle passed away, I inherited his house. The house was built in the early 1900’s and I was anxious to move into it. It wasn’t until the summer heat built outside that I realized there wasn’t any air conditioning in the house. There were a few window air conditioning units placed in strategic places, but it wasn’t enough to keep the house cool. My husband and I didn’t have enough in our budget to install a new central air conditioning unit, so we opted to purchase a few more window air conditioners. We knew we had to look at other options for cooling the house. This house wasn’t equipped with central air conditioning, and using the window air conditioning exclusively, was going to be very expensive. We thought that we may be able to purchase a small central air conditioning unit to keep one floor of the house cool. Later on, we could always add to the central AC unit, or add a second AC unit to the system. The house was more like an old mansion and we were aware that we could take one of the downstairs rooms for our bedroom. We were still considering installing window air conditioning units when we realized something. The window air conditioning units we could buy had different plugs than what the outlets were in the house. We would need to completely rewire the entire house for them to work. We were back to square one with our decisions, but we were closer to making some decisions. We were going to have the house rewired, and then we would install a brand new HVAC system for the entire house

I wanted Zone Control.


Wifi thermostat