After Covid shot, it is time for a smart thermostat

I didn’t get much sleep last night because my husband kept accidentally waking me up. All throughout the night he kept getting out of bed to mess with the thermostat. First he was hot, then he was cold. This went on for hours. I tried to cut him some slack. After all, I knew he was dealing with covid vaccine side effects. However, at 3am enough was enough. I finally suggested, as kindly as possible, that perhaps he would sleep better in the guest room. Thankfully he didn’t argue too much about it and I finally got a few hours sleep before having to get up and go to work in the morning. I didn’t get much work done at work though. Instead, I started researching smart thermostat. I have been wanting a smart thermostat for awhile now. Ever since I found out that smart thermostats are really good at helping with energy savings. Of course, no HVAC system is energy saving if you keep switching it from heat to cold and back again all night long. However, a smart thermostat really would have helped us a lot last night too. That is because my husband would have been able to adjust the settings on his phone instead of getting out of bed a dozen times. We both would have slept a lot better. I think it is finally time to buy that smart thermostat. Besides, I get my vaccine next week. I would like the convenience of it for myself. Not that I expect to feel sick afterwards but I sure would hate to have to keep getting out of bed if I do.


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