Air quality at the gym is the cause of health problems

I have a very strict but productive routine while I was in the week.

I get up to an extra early alarm in order to stop at a fitness center on our way to work.

The fitness center provides 24/7 access as well as there’s very few people there at that time of morning. I never need to wait to use the machines I want. I devote an hour to cardio, strength training as well as stretching as well as then use the showers as well as locker rooms to get cleaned up as well as dressed. I head into the office ahead of rush hour traffic. Because of the workout, I’m energized as well as super productive. I consistently finish up early as well as can once again avoid rush hour for the commute home, last summer, I started having all sorts of complaints with headaches, congestion, itchy esure as well as sore throat. I’d sit down at our desk as well as cough as well as sneeze as well as blow our nose continually. My productivity suffered. It took myself and others forever to finish jobs, as well as I’d end up getting lake lake house super late. I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning, as well as I dreaded our workouts. Every time I spent an hour at the gym, I felt worse. It finally occurred to myself and others that our symptoms showed up right when the weather warmed up. This also coincided with the gym using the air conditioner. I was suspicious that the cooling proposal was pumping contaminants into the air as well as making myself and others sick. I mentioned our problems to someone at the front desk, as well as he admitted that she’d also been dealing with the same health problems. I was very thankful when I arrived at the gym the following day as well as saw an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair vehicle parked in front. There was a professional inside working on the air conditioner.

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