Changing my life through fitness

No longer am I letting life go by

I have not always made great choices. Actually, I haven’t made any really bad or destructive choices either. I have never put much energy or thought into my decisions. I’ve drifted along and just ended up wherever. And then I realized I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. However, with help from the certified fitness professionals who work at the local health and fitness center, I made some really life-changing choices. In just over a year, I have changed from miserable to feeling a sense of pride in my health and wellness. It’s not as if I got a gym membership and immediately turned into a new person overnight. There was some major effort and discipline required to achieve my life improvement. While the workout program has been vital, the nutritional counseling and programs have been necessary as well. I learned that I can make a huge improvement in my body, mood and energy levels by howI eat. I can choose to feed my body garbage and then feel horrible. It seems so simple and yet until I got assistance from the nutritional programs, I just didn’t understand it. Now I focus on my health. This has helped me improve my body as well as my mental wellbeing. I listened and learned from everyone at the gym. The personal trainer helped me in so many ways. We worked toward a new level of health and wellness that I am so thankful for now. The change in my life is due to making better choices and remaining dedicated to achieving my goals. No longer am I letting life go by. Working out regularly has made such a difference in me in every way and my life has changed for the better.



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