Choosing the right air conditioner

My husband and I invested in brand new centralized air conditioning shortly after we moved into our house.

Having an energy efficient and effective cooling system was a priority.

In our local area, we rely on air conditioning for the majority of the year. When the temperature is climbing into the nineties and the humidity level is obscene, the properly operating, top quality air conditioner makes the difference between an overheated and sticky house and perfect comfort. Plus, the right cooling unit keeps operational costs, minimizes impact on the environment, runs quietly and helps with indoor air quality. We spared no expense on the new system. I did tons of research on the different makes and models of air conditioning on the current market. I learned all about the latest technology and features. I even read up on the differences between manufacturer’s warranties. We chose a top-of-the-line air conditioner that achieves 26 SEER and includes wifi accessibility, zone control and variable-speed compressor. My husband looked into the customer reviews and Better Business Bureau’s rating for the HVAC contractors in our local area. He found a company that is an authorized dealer of a major supplier and backs their work with 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer free estimates on new installations and throw in a free maintenance contract for a year. We were really impressed with how quickly they responded to our inquiry, provided the estimate and completed the whole project. There was very little mess and upheaval and they hauled away the old air conditioner. They also cleaned and sealed the ductwork to ensure the whole system operated at peak efficiency.

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