Evolving with the times and PPC campaigns

The new intern at our company is just out of college, and we are all counting on him to bring some fresh energy into this place. Business has gotten a little stale, and we need some new ideas to get things jump-started. One of his first ideas for us was to stop spending so much of our advertising budget on things like radio and newspaper ads. He was actually able to Google some statistics for the return on investment for newspaper ads, and it was a real eye-opener. Come to think of it, I don’t listen to radio ads, either. SEO and digital marketing are the only way to go forward, he managed to convince me and the management team. The intern would be heavily involved with this new digital marketing project, which was a great opportunity for him. He had the good sense to admit to his limits, however, and presented some research he had done on well-regarded SEO companies and digital marketing services. This wasn’t just managing the social media, which was his original job purview, this was rolling out a huge multi-platform ad camping, and we needed professional guidance. The intern is still running our social media management, but that is a much larger job then we had originally envisioned, so his full-time hiring is imminent. The SEO company we went with is preparing to launch our first major campaign, and we are all quite excited about it. Even the most conservative projections see the new traffic generated by SEO and PPC campaigns to be a huge boost in revenue.

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