Forgot to the buy the boiler system

When I decided to open a bakery I thought I had all our expenses figured out… I had a budget set in locale and I knew instantly I couldn’t buy the extravagant oven I wanted or the nice tables and chairs that had caught our eye.

After buying our building, renovating it and starting to set it up, suddenly I had more money than I thought.

I crunched the numbers again and again, although I typically had extra leftover. I took it as a gift and bought all our extravagant baking equipment that I wanted. I bought the hardwood tables and plush chairs that were gorgeous however a bit extravagant, however once everything was set up and I was a week away from opening our doors I realized what I had forgotten. I forgot that I needed to buy a oil furnace, and since it is the middle of summer, I have not thought about heating at all. I have a toiling air conditioning; There, done… Well I should have saved the money for a modern boiler because fall is right around the corner, then how am I going to have a bakery without any heating? I am sort of scrambling. I either need to make way more money right out the gate than I planned on in order to buy the boiler. Another option would be using small space furnaces for most of the season. That would look just disappointing though. I can’t sell our ovens or furniture though. It is already set up and used! I am easily screwed here.


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