Gaining confidence at the gym

It’s still sort of difficult to believe the results I have gained from signing up at the health and fitness center.

Just about a year and a half ago, I decided to be more assertive and confident.

One of my goals was to join a local gym. There are several gyms in the local area and I checked each one of them prior to signing up for a gym membership at my current health and fitness center. But it wasn’t simple for me. I’m extremely shy and lack self-confidence. This has been an issue my entire life. I just never felt like I could step forward and make myself heard. That led to me sort of retreating from people and life in general. Even at my job, I usually stick to my desk and just get my tasks done without interacting. I have a couple of friends and virtually no social life. With my 30th birthday not too far away, I decided I wanted to try and be more confident. The health and fitness center has been vital to making that happen for me. The transformation for me has been gradual but amazing. I went from soft and weak to fit and healthy. That is mostly due to the certified fitness experts who have encouraged and assisted me all along the way. I now have confidence in myself that I never believed possible. Not only have I gained superior health and wellness, I have found something that gives me pride and a sense of accomplishment. I have goals to achieve. I’ve also met like-minded people and become more social.

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