Home renovations are taxing on the heating & cooling system

Over the years, I’ve been gradually renovating our house, and i target a single room at a time because of the big mess, expense & work involved; The projects regularly take a couple of weeks to complete, then by the time I’m done, I’m eager to disinfect our home & get back to normal for a while, but no matter how careful I am to contain the debris within the work area, it always spreads throughout the house.

It’s also inconvenient to go without a bathroom, living room or the kitchen for many weeks! Every room in the home features actually ugly snacks textured ceilings.

They are a big task to remove. I need to scrape every inch of the ceiling with a putty knife, then coat it in drywall mud & sand it. This section of the renovation project is our least favorite & causes a gigantic amount of mess & dust. I am actually careful about covering the heating/cooling vents in the room. I legitimately don’t want the dust getting sucked up into the ductwork & contaminating the furnace or cooling system, and however, it’s especially unpleasant to work in a room without access to heating & cooling… Since the people I was with and I don’t have zone control, the whole home is then left without heating or cooling. Sometimes I just adjust the control device so that the furnace & cooling system aren’t laboring so hard. I tape a plastic bin over the vents in the construction zone & hope for the best. I make sure to schedule service for the cooling system every Spring & the furnace every fall. I recognize that all of our projects negatively impact performance. I also have the duct system worked on. I don’t want to end up replacing the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system prematurely.

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