It was crazy because I craved some KFC

I rarely get hungry for KFC because it is normally too greasy for my taste.

However, not so long ago, my partner mentioned how she could go for some fried chicken, and I was craving it all of a sudden.

I had heard about a modern delivery service that would deliver straight to our household, from nearly every fast food business including the local fried chicken place. I honestly couldn’t wait to call the pizzeria and get my partner’s preferred fried chicken delivered directly to our door. If somebody had told me that we could get chicken meal delivery, I would have laughed and told them they were nuts. Up until the pandemic came about, chicken meal delivery, or any kind of fast food delivery other than pizza or Chinese, was basically unheard of. Our area didn’t have any kind of delivery services. I made a call to KFC and put in my order. It was so wonderful to be able to rest at home and just wait for somebody to bring the chicken meal to us. Half an hour later, I received a knock on the door. The young woman was resting at the far end of the porch, waiting for me to get my bag. She gave me a thumbs up and went on her way. I was so thrilled I had left a nice tip for the delivery. Chicken meal delivery from my favorite fried chicken store was even more simple than I had imagined, and it was also contactless. One amazing thing came out of the pandemic, and I for one am hoping that it sticks around even after the pandemic is done.


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