Searching for office space for rent

I really don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about being more successful than anticipated, it just didn’t fit into my plan.

I was starting with nothing — literally with nothing — so I had to ramp up very gradually so that I could reinvest my earnings back into my business. As it turns out the COVID pandemic was amazing for my line of work, so now I’m expanding faster than I can handle. I really need to start exploring my options and figure out my next step. Local searches for office space for rent have given me a few interesting options, but they are all pricey. Thankfully I don’t need commercial office space for rent because that stuff is on another level when it comes to cost and insurance. Commercial office space for rent is all huge buildings, like the size that would house a supermarket, or part of a strip mall. Maybe I need to think small and look for an artisan loft for rent, because I just need the space for a couple more people. I don’t need shop space for rent, because I won’t be bringing in customers or meeting clients in the space, just using it for the core work we need to get done. When it comes to business development, you have to be very cagey with every dollar in your budget, and every long term decision you make. No matter how I resolve my office space for rent issue, I don’t want a long lease.

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