Smart HVAC technology might end up saving us money

I am really surprised at how far HVAC technology has progressed. When we first bought this house I remember having a problem because our dining room would get extremely hot or cold. It all depended on the outside temperatures. Our dining room has huge windows and it looks out over a beautiful lake. This makes for excellent dining. But, it makes for terrible climate control. We ended up having to get a stronger central HVAC system installed just to keep the house comfortable. That, and we got the windows all double paned. That worked well enough but we still have a high electric bill. We also still have trouble keeping the dining room very comfortable in winter or summer. Well our HvAC serviceman was at our home doing an HVAC tune up and he suggested that we get smart HVAC technology. He said that smart HVACs now have sensors in every room. Then there is a thermostat that you can program. Apparently, we could program the thermostat to keep the dining room comfortable. It can even tell when we are in it so the dining room would be comfortable for us at those times. That is great. I bet it would save us a lot of money. And, the best part, is that we don’t have to replace our entire HVAC system. We just have to replace our old dial thermostat. So it is not nearly as expensive as I initially thought it would be. I need to crunch a few numbers but I think that smart HVAC technology might actually save us more money than it costs. Besides, it would be nice to be able to use the dining room more often.

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