The HVAC Exterminator

Those furry, fun, and adorable pets known as cats and dogs provide a lot for us.

They are a playmate for kids who can’t play with their friends because of Covid-19 lockdowns. They provide companionship to lonely seniors and are a built-in exercise “machine” waiting to be escorted for a walk in the park or a chase when they decide to play a game of tag with their owners. Everyone knows that having a pet has some drawbacks. Your nice furniture will likely suffer, and your carpets will be ruined by “accidents” during the process of paper training. And then there are the fleas. Fleas are like Florida “snowbirds” in that they seek a warm place to escape the winter. They don’t have the option of flying to a Miami condo each winter, so they choose the next best place: The cozy ductwork of your home’s HVAC system. From this warm and humid haven, they sneak out to get a meal from your cat or dog and then go “home” to raise a family of perhaps 50 eggs a day. The homeowner can take steps to prevent this by treating the pets with anti-flea medication (another form of exercise) and making sure that the HVAC system is kept clean with regular service from a qualified HVAC technician. You can also use nature and the HVAC system as an exterminator. The HVAC is better at controlling temperatures but it can’t reach the cold temperatures needed to kill the fleas, the best it can do is make them uncomfortable. Mother nature is best at controlling humidity but if your HVAC can maintain a relative humidity level of 50% or less inside the house, those fleas will soon pack up and move to a more flea-friendly place.

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