The property lease was 15 pages long

A couple of months after my girlfriend and I started dating, we decided to move in together.

My girlfriend was living in an apartment on the west side of town, about thirty minutes away from the beach.

I was much closer to the beach, so we decided to live in my apartment. Since my girlfriend moved in, the landlord made me sign a brand new lease. I didn’t mind, because the rent was going to stay the same. My girlfriends and I met with the landlord last weekend to go over the paperwork and sign the lease. The first time I signed the property lease, it was three pages long. This time, it was 15 pages long and some things were changed. I was a little annoyed by the changes. One change on the property lease was regarding vehicles in the street. Since two of us were living in the space, one of us needed to find off street parking. Our apartment lease only covered one street parking spot. Another change was regarding the appliances in the house. The new property lease stated that I had to pay for all damages and repairs to the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical system if they are less than $200. I tried to argue with the landlord about the changes, but he told me this is the standard lease for two people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to have some changes, especially since the rent is staying the same. I simply wish the landlord would have given me a heads up before I sat down with a pen.


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