Why investing in HVAC upgrades is a good idea

I thought having a functioning home HVAC system was good enough until I walked into a hotel.

I know one cannot install some hotel HVAC systems at home, but I wasn’t going to ignore the hotel’s indoor environment quality.

For starters, the quality of the air was good. It wasn’t humid or dry. Neither was it stuffy, cold, or hot. The floor and walls were warm. I didn’t have to adjust my thermostat’s settings at any point because the ambient indoor environment was consistently good. I spent a night in the hotel and promised myself to upgrade my home’s HVAC system to a smarter system. To ensure my upgrades would work as well as the hotel’s HVAC system, I consulted an HVAC professional. The HVAC technician requested a physical appointment at my house, and I obliged. He came and assessed my current HVAC system to determine the best course of action. He also visited the hotel to understand what I wanted before coming up with an HVAC installation model for my home. Since my old HVAC system wasn’t faulty, he decided to add new HVAC equipment to it to improve its efficiency. He began by replacing my air conditioner and old thermostat with a new unit and smart thermostat, respectively. He zoned my home to ensure every room gets served properly. The walls and floor were also stripped down and fitted with a new radiant floor heating system. After the HVAC upgrades, my home’s indoor environment improved significantly. It was warmer, but not hot, during winter, and cooler, but not cold, during summer. I also requested a new valuation for the home, and I was surprised by the amount of extra cash I was getting for the home because of my HVAC system upgrade.

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