Brother wouldn’t pay for thermostat repair; I went to hotel

Sometimes you were in the hard way that it is necessary to clear up every single detail with other human beings before you believe that you have communicated effectively.

I’m a sort of person who expects that other people understand what I am saying because I am generally considered rather articulate.

However, there are times when you simply cannot seem to get on the same page with a friend or family member. This was certainly the case with my older brother a few months ago after we were discussing visitation plans. My brother kindly told me that I could stay at his house while I was in town. However, he unkindly failed to mention that he did not have a working heating, cooling, and air quality control system at that time. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if it was the spring or fall season. We have rather mild climates during those two periods of the year. However, the winter and summer seasons are absolutely brutal around here. Unfortunately, I was visiting my brother in the dead of summer when the outdoor air temperature was 100 degrees everyday and the relative humidity was suffocating. When I got to my brother’s house I expected that I would find cool relief as soon as I dragged my bags into the air conditioned space. Instead, I found an extremely hot and humid environment waiting for me. When I mentioned the heat to my brother he casually told me that his thermostat was broken. He had no plan to repair the indoor air temperature control system anytime soon and didn’t feel like he should have mentioned this HVAC failure earlier. I spent the entire trip in a hotel.

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