Do they have recalls on HVAC equipment?

Every time I turn around, something I own goes on a recall list.

A couple weeks ago, I got a notification from the manufacturer of my car. They told me to take my car to the nearest company and take this letter with them. They had a problem with the brakes failing. Then both of us got a notification from the manufacturer of my partner’s car. There was a problem with the steering abruptly failing, and the car would jerk into oncoming traffic. Neither of these concerns were less than panicky for us. All of us rushed to a car dealership, hoping to have it fixed, however both of us had to make an appointment. Last week, both of us had a letter arrive from the manufacturer of our refrigerator. There was a problem with the ice maker and both of us had to make an appointment with the local repair supplier, and the manufacturer would pay for the repair. I have to admit that I am even more anxious now since both of us just purchased a new HVAC system. I am afraid that there will be some kind of recall on the HVAC device that will come too late. I would dislike to find out that I have a problem with my gas furnace, after it has broken down, and I had to pay for an luxurious repair. What would be even worse is if I had my gas furnace cut down, find out that there was a recall, and end up waiting, in the middle of winter, to have a part upgraded? As long as I had to wait for the repairs on the cars and refrigerator, I don’t know if I could go through the same thing with my HVAC equipment.
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