Does solar power HVAC exist?

My Mom has never been the earth friendly type… Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t litter or anything enjoy that… However, he isn’t 1 to recycle and he doesn’t absolutely love trash in the ocean.

He doesn’t word it that way however that is how he acts.

That is why I was surprised to see that my Mom was getting solar panels installed on the roof of his house. His entire roof is now covered in solar panels. I should not have been surprised to learn that his reasoning for this was purely economical. He explained that the solar panels will save him a lot of money on his utility bill every week. This is especially tploy in the Summer when the UV rays are the strongest and he runs his cooling system the most, however my Mom explained that even his air conditioning system is hooked up to the solar panels now. I didn’t even suppose that was possible. I had heard that HVAC systems run on a bizarre current than solar panels and that there was no such thing as a solar HVAC. Mom was quick to show me how I was mistaken in that assumption. I won’t go into details with A/C and DC and how it all works however blatantly today’s solar panels can convert everything so that they labor with your HVAC system, and everything else in the house, just fine. Now that I suppose that solar powered HVAC is possible, I want solar power in my apartment too. My energy bills are absolutely expensive in the summer. If I could offset that somehow I honestly will. Besides, I do love the health of the planet.


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