Gas fireplace or heated floors?

I have no idea how the previous owners of this house got by with only a fireplace in the winter.

It drops below freezing at night all winter long.

It is true that the fireplace does warm this entire house up nicely. However, keeping it warm means getting up at night to add wood to the fireplace. It also means grate cleanings and wood chopping. To keep the house warm all winter, with only a fireplace, is going to take a lot of work. I am not really the wood chopping type. That is why I have been looking into alternative heating options. I was thinking of getting a new heating unit installed. I have always wanted underfloor heating and that didn’t sound like a bad idea. The only issue is that I would need to find space for a boiler. That is, unless I decided to go with electric underfloor heating. Another heating option I have been considering is simply converting the fireplace into a gas fireplace. It would still heat the house just fine but I wouldn’t have to worry about chopping wood or anything like that. Additionally, gas fireplaces can be hooked up to a thermostat. The thermostat controls the gas output and keeps the home comfortable without getting too hot. I like that option. It would make use of the existing fireplace while making life easy for me. I still like the idea of heated floors though too. I just can’t decide. I might end up getting both. After all, converting the fireplace to a gas fireplace is not going to be super expensive. Getting heated floors will be a bit pricey. But, after all, this is my home now and I should be comfortable in it.


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