Gave our friend some crucial tips with taking care of his Heating plus A/C in his new home

I was cheerful when a great friend of mine was able to purchase his first home. I had owned our new home for a few years, so I had a great amount of experience. I told him that if he ever had any questions or needed help around his house, I would be cheerful to help; One thing that I provided as a tip right away though was to consistently make sure to change his air filters plus get his Heating plus A/C tune-ups. He said he should be able to stay on top of everything. Well, he must have forgotten what I said about the Heating plus A/C tune-ups because he was never getting them. I don’t suppose he had an Heating plus A/C professional come out to look at his Heating plus A/C method even once when I spoke to him about how things were going being a homeowner. His air quality was bad in his new home plus I realized that he was entirely not changing his air filters enough. I asked him if both of us could look at the air filter plus he didn’t mind. I was surprised when the air filter didn’t seem to be that dirty, but it was 1 of those cheaper fiberglass air filters that hardly filter anything. I looked in his Heating plus A/C vents plus saw that it was clogged up actually bad. I realized it was mainly his ductwork method that was the problem. I also reminded him that he needed to get those Heating plus A/C tune-ups twice per year or he was going to have lavish repairs down the road. He ended up getting better air filters plus had his ductwork cleaned. He also enrolled in an Heating plus A/C service idea which is something that I never thought to do. That was a smart move on his behalf, plus I suppose I’m going to do the same thing.
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