High velocity AC for an older home

When I moved into my house the first thing I wanted to buy was a cooling system. I knew the home came with old window air conditioners in every room of the house. I was a little disgusted the previous homeowner was okay with it. Why would he want ugly window units thrown throughout the house? When I got a HVAC contractor into my home I realized why. My house doesn’t have any existing HVAC ducts. Adding ductwork is quite invasive and hard on a home too. My older house would literally fall to pieces if I tried to have a HVAC contractor tunnel in. My HVAC professional said I could do window AC like the previous homeowner, ductless mini splits or high velocity AC. I had never heard of high velocity cooling before. Apparently this is a system with ductwork that is half the size. It is also flexible and can bend into the slats of a house without causing damage. The system works way more efficiently too. It can quickly whip the cold air room to room and lower the temperature in minutes rather than like an hour. The cost on the system is the only downside. You pay a pretty penny to get the system and do the complication cooling installation. I was willing to pay more to have good cooling and not have it be an eyesore though. Now that I own a cooling system that is so powerful, I will never go back to other models. I am glad that I couldn’t get basic central AC.

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