HVAC or college

For the past 10 years I have been desperately trying to reinvent myself. I had a very difficult upbringing and I found myself living a life that I didn’t actually want. I decided that I was going to stop working low-level, grunt work positions and start my own education in a different direction. I no longer wanted to be working for minimum wage and struggling to get by all the time. I began carefully saving up my money so that I could afford my own educational expenses. However, life has a way of taking away all of your progress in an instant. After a decade of building up my educational funds, my heating, cooling, and air quality control system has taken everything away. You see, I woke up the other day and noticed that my indoor air was feeling rather stale and stagnant. When I tried to adjust the central heating and cooling system via the central thermostat, I noticed that the airflow improved but the temperature did not. Apparently my heating, cooling, and air quality control devices were not actually managing the quality of the indoor air, but they were still capable of distributing the expensive treated air throughout to the ventilation system. I had no choice. Morning but to call the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership that offers emergency repair services. Unfortunately, they told me that I had even less choices when it came to my heating and cooling system repair. Essentially, I needed to start with a brand new indoor air handling control system. When they gave me the quote for the cheapest heating, cooling, and ventilation devices available I nearly fainted. Now, I can choose… Do I start my education or do I live with indoor air temperature control?



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