I would not be living here if there was no A/C

The people are super friendly and the landscapes are beautiful.

I had to move to the southern part of the country for my job last year, and let me tell you, it has been a really big adjustment for me and my family. We went from living in a place with a fairly mild and temperate climate to this place where the temperatures get into the triple digits in the early summer! It’s crazy what a big difference it is, and it has made getting proper climate control all the more important to us. We didn’t know exactly how important a really good air conditioning system would end up being to us when we first moved down here. In the town that we moved from, we didn’t even have central air conditioning at all. We made do with a window unit A/C in the bedroom in the summer, but that was enough for us. However, around here, if you don’t have a really good high efficiency central air conditioning system, then you’re going to be miserable throughout the summer. Not only that, but you’re going to be paying a fortune in cooling costs because air conditioning is expensive! Now that we are here and settled in and everything, I really like living down here. The people are super friendly and the landscapes are beautiful. The fishing is really good, too. However, I have realized really quickly that there is just no way that I could live here for any time at all if I wasn’t able to have air conditioning. I sometimes think that central A/C is the best invention that has ever been.

a/c set up