I’m living with my parents again

After several months of back luck and losing my job on top of that, I have ended up moving back into my parents’ basement where I used to live when I was still in high school.

I can’t believe that this is actually my life right now, but I have to sit back and regroup and get things back on track. I guess I should be glad that my parents haven’t turned my basement room into a home gym or a game room or something, seeing as how I haven’t been living there for years now. However, there are still issues with me living in their basement because we are going to have to do something about the heating and cooling system down there. Back when I was a teenager, I wasn’t really all that concerned about the indoor air quality that I was dealing with. However, now that I’m older, I think about the indoor air quality all the time and I also worry about it. I’m afraid that since the basement doesn’t have air ducts and quality heating and cooling vents, the indoor air quality down there is suffering and it will eventually make me sick. That’s the last thing that I need at this point! Things are bad enough for me already. So I have been talking to my parents about it and we have decided that we are going to have our local HVAC company come out and install something called a ductless mini split air conditioning system. With one of these HVAC systems, you don’t have to have ductwork and you get high quality heating and cooling without too much work.


Hybrid HVAC system