Long hair is a lot of work

Having long hair is kind of a pain. It’s a lot of maintenance. First, I need to brush, conditioner and put up my hair constantly. It gets tangled, in the way and it sheds. The shedding is probably the worst part. I know I need to clean out my shower drain daily and snake it weekly. If I don’t, I have no drainage. I need to sweep my floors weekly and it is all just hair. An air filter with a HVAC system should last around four weeks, mine is only for three. My hair clogs that baby up so fast. You can go around 5-7 years on ductwork cleaning and I only do half that. I don’t want to breathe in my hair wrapped around dust and debris. I would rather clean the HVAC ducts too much than too little. I also make sure to get HVAC service yearly, sometimes even two times a year. My hair gets pulled into the inner workings of the equipment. Not only does a bunch of hair and debris contract the airflow, but it is not good for the moving parts. My HVAC technician is always a little disgusted after a HVAC tune up at my house. He loves to show me the hair he found deep in my HVAC unit. The sad part is, I clean the inside when I can. I shove a vacuum up in my HVAC, get new air filters and sweep around the device. I try not to have any hair go inside of it but I can’t stop it all. I really should just shave my head and call it a day.

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