No added fillers?

Being a writer, I pick up on the minor mistakes that other people make in their writing.

I know it’s silly, but I feel if people are going to do something professionally, as in an advertisement, they should make sure they have the proper wording in the ad..

For instance, I came across an advertisement in the newspaper. They were boasting about their new HVAC equipment. The ad stated I could now view the new ductless HVAC system in their new showroom. I had been thinking of having a ductless HVAC system installed. Their description of the HVAC system was quite impressive until I got to the bottom. The statement ‘no added fillers’, had me scratching my head. I did not know what they were talking about. I read through the entire ad again, wondering if I had missed something. I showed the ad to my husband, and he laughed so hard that he had stomach cramps. He said he thought they meant there were no air filters to change. My husband had done a lot of research on ductless HVAC systems. He said there were no air filters, or needed to have the HVAC company do an inspection. He said he would feel better having the ductless HVAC professionally cleaned once a year. He said that if there were no added fillers, he wanted to know what kind of filler other ductless HVAC systems might have. We went to the showroom to see what the ductless HVAC system looked like and find out more information. He wanted all the information he could get before having the system installed.


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