Off-grid living doesn’t mean freezing to death

My mother has been saying she wants to move off the grid for years now.

She has talked of the little cabin she wants on a plot of land where she can raise chickens and have a garden.

She has been talking about it for as long as I can remember. I never thought she would actually do it. Well she is doing it now. She bought a little spot up in the mountains. She is 2 hours away from just about anywhere. The cabin has been built and she is just getting the creature comforts installed. I was worried that my mother wouldn’t be able to stay warm enough out there living on her own with only solar powered lights. She said she was getting a wood burning stove installed but that didn’t seem enough. That is why I was happy when I learned that she was also getting a propane furnace installed. The cabin is very small so she doesn’t need a huge furnace. The heating provider that is installing both the stove and the furnace helped her pick out a propane furnace that is right for her. Apparently, I also have the heating company to thank for talking her into getting a secondary heat source. They explained that living alone, in the middle of nowhere, is very dangerous without proper heating. I couldn’t agree more. My mom complained a bit about the extra costs but I bet she is happy about it when winter comes. I know I will rest easier knowing she is nice and warm in her new home.

a/c worker