Our HVAC classes have been running for twenty years

At the local career center where I work, we are going to be celebrating a pretty big anniversary soon.

We have been helping people in the community with job training for the past twenty years now.

Over that time period, we have helped thousands of local people find careers in plumbing, electrical work, and in the HVAC industry. As far as I’m concerned, our very best program is the HVAC program. The three guys who run the HVAC program are really good teachers and most of the students have nothing but good things to say about them. I guess they are great at relating to the HVAC students and at relaying information about furnaces, air conditioning systems, ventilation, and air purification systems. At least, that’s what I always hear from the students who come through the main office and talk to administration every now and then. Anyway, when we have this anniversary party for the technical school, they are also going to honor the teachers from the HVAC department. They have more graduates from the school than any other program and best of all, there are many students out there who are now highly qualified HVAC technicians in our community. I hope that the anniversary party raises awareness about the HVAC program that we have, along with the rest of the programs that we offer. I know that the career center will be training new workers for years to come. I hope that we can keep training high quality and professional HVAC technicians to go to work in our area.

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