Someone stole my refrigerant!

I do not understand what is wrong with other people, but I can tell you that I am at my wit’s end. I feel like we’ve been playing tug-of-war and I’m the row. I’ve been stretched to the limit, but everybody in my life continues to pull anyways. Long story short, I’m going to lose my goddamn mind if people do not start acting respectively soon. This goes for everybody in my personal life as well as the people who have decided to start stealing things from my property. I thought it was annoying enough when my mailbox went missing, but now I am stuck to my seat with sweat and I couldn’t be more agitated. You see, I woke up this morning and had the unpleasant surprise of finding out that my indoor air temperature control system was not working. Or, I should say, the thermostat and heating system up here to be just fine. However, the centralized cooling system is doing absolutely nothing for controlling my indoor heat and humidity. This is a problem because the air conditioner, itself, seems to be just fine. However, it is lacking the powerful juice that actually works to remove heat and humidity from the air before pumping it into your indoor environment. You see, I called my heating, cooling, and ventilation control technician as soon as I realized that my thermostat was no longer changing my indoor air quality. My heating, cooling, and air quality control worker was extremely puzzled to tell me that all of the refrigerant had been emptied from my central cooling system. It appeared as though somebody had drained my AC unit. Now I understand… Someone stole my refrigerant to power their own AC device. That stuff is poisonous, so I think they got what they deserve.

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