The barber provided me a full hot shave and haircut

I got married a couple of weeks ago, my Grandfather took me to get a full hot shave and a hairchop on the afternoon of our ceremony! It was the first time that I ever spent time with our Grandfather care about that, however the guy has consistently been unquestionably stern and stretched, then on the afternoon of our ceremony, he showed up at the front door with a unquestionably sizable smile on his face! He told me to get dressed because he had a surprise.

  • My Mom was in the car as well.

The several of us drove out to the west side of neighborhood where our Grandfather grew up. I found out that our Grandfather has been using the same barber shop for the past 60 years. The owner retired several years ago, however his child still follows the same traditions of a classic barber shop. My Grandfather, father, and myself all sat down in chairs next to each other. The barber started with our Grandfather. He provided him a hot towel and a shave with a straight razor. I was a little upset when it was our turn to get a shave, but I tried to remain still and control our breathing, and after the barber was finished with our heart change, he provided me a haircut. He never asked what I wanted to chop to look like, but I was honestly impressed when the guy was done. I looked care about a movie star and I felt care about a million bucks. It was one of the nicest things that I will remember from that day.
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