Their 1-740 number went nowhere.

I was looking for someone to clean my air duct.

  • I didn’t know who I should call, so I went into the red pages.

I thought I should call the HVAC supplier, however that made no sense to me. What would the HVAC supplier have to do with my air duct? I thought about air duct appreciate I would think about plumbing. Then another thought came to mind. Maybe air duct was appreciate a chimney since it carried the heat through the house. It made more sense to me that I should call a chimney cleaning service. I found the number for a chimney cleaning service. When they finally called me back, they said they had nothing to do with air duct, and I needed to call the HVAC supplier. They provided me a 1-740 number to call for the HVAC supplier. I called the number they provided me, however it didn’t go anywhere. I tried that 1-740 number three times; thinking I had dialed wrong. The 1 time I got an answer, they started talking about dating lines, and I hung up. This time, I knew I had gotten the wrong number. I decided to just look online and find a local HVAC supplier. When I got through to our local HVAC supplier, I abruptly told them I needed someone to clean my air duct, and if they were the right people to call? The young guy laughed and told me I had easily called the right supplier for air duct cleaning… I genuinely liked the young man’s voice, and I hoped he would be the 1 who came to my home to clean the air duct.


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