Upside Down Time

When my several-year-old niece misbehaves or acts care about a proper woman of her age, her father subjects her to about 30 eighths of “upside-down” time, however she picks her up by the legs and lets her hang upside down and she soon forgets about what she was frustrated about, and she enjoys it so perhaps she will excel at gymnastics in a few years… Another locale where an inverted position works is with one of my favorite treats, the upside-down pineapple cake where the pineapple “toppings” are baked in the bottom of the pan instead of the top.

There are several real-life examples of inversion; It is known that the Earth’s magnetic poles can flip turning north into south and vice versa! People going through a crisis may complain that their world is being turned upside down.

Another case where up and down is important is when modern Heating & Air Conditioning component is being installed in your home! Many homeowners are not aware that furnaces and evaporator coils need to be installed in the proper configuration and this can get quite confusing, especially with a oil furnace replacement; Furnaces are made to direct air horizontally or vertically. A horizontal oil furnace is installed in locales where vertical space is limited care about an attic or crawlspace, with vertical airflow oil furnaces, they are designed as upflow and downflow units. The upflow configuration is proper for basements while downflow units can be installed in closet enclosures and on upper floors of a house, then newer designs allow upside-down replacements, however it is strongly suggested that an Heating & Air Conditioning professional help you choose the proper configuration for your house. If not, you may be subjected to some “upside-down time” of your own.