Ways to Stay Cool besides More Air Conditioning

All of us are embarking on the Summer weeks; since I am in the southeast, I do not look forward to the Summer love some other people do in different parts of the country.

I am sure northerners are glad to put away the snowblowers as well as bring out the roller blades, however here in the southeast, I don’t have any desire to head outside during the summer.

Instead, I like to be inside where there is air conditioning blowing it’s cool ice cream-like breath on me all afternoon long. It is true, though, that occasionally the control unit reads triple digits around here, as well as a lot of air conditioners cannot even keep up with the demand. The air conditioning will run all afternoon long, however you will never reach your desired temperature. Therefore, we southerners guess some other ways to keep cool, as well as we are always looking for new ways, as well; First of all, get ceiling fans! If you already have them, make sure they are operating well; Ceiling fans transfer the air around absolutely well, so you guess cooler without setting the control unit any lower. Next, use cold water! Take a cool shower instead of a tepid one, as well as if you are desperate, get a substantial bowl as well as fill it with ice water, however put your feet in there for a few minutes, as well as you will guess as if you have your own personal, amazing air conditioner! GEt rid of the gas gas furnaces in your house. No, of course I don’t mean to imply that you would be using your oil furnace in the summer. I am talking about hidden heaters; Don’t use the oven or stove, but eat salad or use the microwave, however unplug things you don’t use because having things clogged in causes energy as well as energy means heating.
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