Age matters when focusing on internet marketing

When I was a young salesman, I knew how to talk to our buyers.

  • The complication is that our business caters to a young demographic, so as I have gotten older, the buyers remain roughly the same age, and it gets harder to communicate with them.

I often get the feeling of an old fart grampa dealing with our buyers now. Due to this, our sales have been in steady decline over the last multiple years. After a focus group composed of our nieces plus nephews gave myself and others some insight, I have decided to completely change our approach to sales, but first I need to invest in web development, because without a fast, professional, plus secure website to represent our business as the best, no one will take the establishment seriously. In today’s young market, people rarely care for offices but instead regard top tier web designs highly and consider them legit. Once I get the correct web design, I will hire a couple of family members to start generating content for the site plus tightening up the SEO. A website with no content will not get traffic, plus a website with terrible SEO will also not get traffic. I couldn’t tell you the difference between fantastic SEO and a hole in the ground, which is why I will hire them to do it. Once all of this is in place, then I will look into internet advertising, plus using social media platforms to reach new buyers, but I am still way off from running a large spend money per click ad campaign.

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