Combining healthy eating with active lifestyle

I started to gain weight in sixth grade after I broke my leg.

I needed to stay off my feet for several months.

It wasn’t fun for me because I was super active at that age. I was accustomed to playing soccer, basketball and street hockey with my friends. Once the cast was on, I spent a lot of time on the couch, reading and watching TV for hours. My Grandma who watched me wasn’t helpful. She often bought me donuts and candy to cheer me up. She would pour me a soda. It was a ton of empty calories. By the time I entered junior high, I was downright fat. I hated feeling self-conscious. I struggled with my weight all through high school and college. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve taken the necessary steps to get healthy and thin. I am fortunate to have a gym near my apartment in the city. I signed up with a personal trainer who tailored a wellness and workout program to my specific goals for weight loss. The fitness center also offers nutritional counseling. It has been super helpful. I’ve learned so much about creating a nutritious meal plan that provides sufficient fuel for my body without empty calories. I have started making healthier choices and seeing the rewards. I have become more physically active in my everyday life. I started rollerblading again after many years away from it. I found that I just love it. I’ve also started riding my bike and going for walks, runs and hikes. I’d like to lose another ten pounds, but I feel very confident.



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