Embracing a healthy and active lifestyle

I’m thinking of signing up for a fitness class at the local gym

I want to find a girlfriend. I am terribly lonely. I realize, however, that I need to improve myself first. I began meeting with a therapist last year to fix some of the issues in my life. I have suffered from anxiety since childhood. It was a relief to sort through some of the self-doubts and concerns. I realized that the dysfunctional relationship between my mom and dad negatively impacted me. I never had a healthy model for a relationship. The therapist has really helped me to see myself differently. I’ve realized that I’ve sabotaged myself by not taking good care of my mind or body. I needed to start focusing on my overall wellness. I have made an effort to entirely change my negative habits. I no longer drink alcohol, smoke or eat fast or processed foods. I’ve switched to healthy eating. I incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins into my meals. I don’t snack anymore when I’m feeling unhappy. I now turn to physical exercise. I’ve bought myself a bike and started cycling all over the city. I just love it. I’ve learned to properly warm up before I get on the bike. I do tons of stretching and work on range of motion. Since I’ve started biking, I’ve lost nearly twenty pounds. I’ve also built muscle, gained confidence and have more energy. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Now, I’m hoping to find someone willing to share a healthy and active lifestyle. I am interested in white water rafting, rock climbing and hiking. I am considering entering a marathon or a triathlon. I’d like to have a partner for those things. I’m thinking of signing up for a fitness class at the local gym. This seems like a good place to meet the right kind of girl.