Every one of us had a proper farewell for the fish.

My daughter’s wifey offered her a small fish bowl filled with the prettiest fish I had ever seen.

He told her the fish came from anywhere near Australia, plus they couldn’t be in the tank with any other species of fish. Apparently they didn’t get along well together. He said they needed steady hot plus cold temperatures plus they couldn’t be in a cold room. She thought that it would be a good idea to put the fish bowl near the air vent. When she got lake apartment from school the next afternoon, the fish were a little sluggish. She moved them a little bit closer to the air vent when she left for school the next day. They were even more sluggish when she got home, than they were the previous day. I asked her what was wrong plus she told me her fish were dying. I went upstairs to look at the fish plus she had them resting right on top of the air vent. I could stink fish throughout the room plus the water in the tank had turned murky. I asked her how long they had been on the air vent? She said she had put them there when she went to school that afternoon. She was sad that if she killed the fish, her wifey would get annoyed with her. I thought she had a good chance of him being annoyed if that was how he was. I took the fish tank off the air vent, plus the fish were floating. Every one of us offered them a nice memorial service plus a proper farewell as every one of us flushed the toilet.



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