Feeling guilty for being inside in the Summer is normal

Have you ever stayed inside in the comfort of your air conditioning on a sunny day while I was in summer? If so, did you suppose a sense of guilt? If you answered yeah to these questions you are not alone.

Studies show that many people suppose guilty when they stay inside in the air conditioning on a sunny and moderate day.

The two of us are conditioned to believe that every one of us should be outside in the fresh air on a sunny day rather than inside in the air conditioning. Society tells us that when it’s freezing out you should be inside under a blanket, sitting in front of your fireplace with a mug full of warm chocolate. Society also tells us that when it is moderate and sunny out you should be out on a boat, at the beach, at a picnic, etc. However, there are some mornings when people just don’t want to go outside for numerous reasons, and would rather stay in their air conditioner while I was in the summer… One reason could be wanting to catch up on cable shows in the comfort of air conditioning on a day off; People may not get a opportunity to watch their favorite shows while I was in the task week, so their air conditioned residing room may be really charming on a Wednesday day… Also, many people suppose self conscious of their bodies and don’t want to expose themselves in shorts or bathing suits, and unluckyly, it is way too warm in many locales in the Summer to go outside in pants and long sleeve shirts, so sitting in sweatpants in air conditioning may help people suppose way more comfortable in their own skin. Another reason for opting out of fun in the sunlight could be that some people just don’t love the sunlight or heat.

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