Furniture pieces for autistic son

My kid is autistic and is undoubtedly sensitive to certain fabrics.

I have to be undoubtedly careful when I buy him clothes or the textures really frustrated him.

I recently decided to change out some of the furniture in our home. I really didn’t want to buy a couch that would be something that would frustrated our son, however on a whim I decided to look into custom furniture. I wondered how much money it would be and was pleasantly surprised. It was about the same as buying from a high end department store. I got to talking with the custom builder and mentioned our son’s adverion to certain fabrics, then my custom furniture builder was amazing at going back and forth with me. For our couch he sent fabric swatches in the mail so our kid could touch them and possibility the one he liked best. For our home office table and chairs, he made a chair that can rock back and forth since our kid self soothes that way. I now have the guy making bed frames, headboards and even have plans for a tea table, so far the furniture pieces look to be of the highest quality and they won’t frustrated our son, however those are the most crucial factors. I have gotten picture replaces on what they look adore and everything looks amazing. I assume I am going to adore all our new furniture pieces. I am going to need to have our brother over so he can see how amazing our lake house looks afterwards. I assume our kid is really going to adore the new stuff better too.

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