Getting nutritional counseling for weight loss

I have always struggled with my weight. I didn’t understand the full consequences of this issue until recently. I assumed I was near average in size. I had some concerns with my clothes fitting but wasn’t overly alarmed. It was a huge wake-up call when my doctor measured my BMI and told me that I was considered obese. My idea of obesity is people who are massively overweight and struggle to get around. I wasn’t aware that being forty pounds overweight was still categorized as obese. Regardless of whether or not I look horribly fat, the label of obese really bothered me. The first thing I did was turn to the internet for health and wellness recommendations. I was initially overwhelmed by the amount of fitness information available. I didn’t want to accept suggestions from someone with no real knowledge. I was looking for a certified fitness expert to provide advice that could benefit my health. I ended up making a list of local fitness centers and started calling around to see which one would best suit me. I told the gym representatives over the phone that I was looking for nutritional counseling as well as physical training for weight loss. I wanted to start training immediately but I knew I needed guidance and accountability. My focus was mainly on adjusting my eating habits and creating a healthy plan that I could live with over the long-term. I was afraid of getting discouraged and returning to unhealthy habits again. Fortunately, I have found the ideal fitness trainer and nutritionist who have worked together to create a total plan that is perfect for my individual needs.
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