Happy with my gym membership

I was one of the first few people to enroll in membership at the fitness center when they opened up.

  • I have maintained a membership for nearly twenty years.

The fitness center is a twenty-five minute drive from home, and I devote at least an hour there three to four times per week. I’m happy to have access to the diversity of machines and amenities. Over the years, I’ve seen the fitness center make steady improvements. When they first got started, there was a limited selection of machines, a few weight benches, dumbbells and very little else. They have gradually added to the amount and types of equipment so that there is a wide variety of top-of-the-line treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and rowing machines. There is an extensive selection of different makes and models of stationary bikes. There are machines specifically to target strength training for individual muscle groups. The fitness center has invested into battle ropes, a climbing wall and an indoor running track. They recently expanded the facility to include private studios where they offer group classes. I really enjoy the yoga, spin and pilates classes. I am looking forward to trying out circuit training and boot camp. There are classes offered on every day of the week and at a diversity of times, so there’s always a call that accommodates my schedule. I was especially excited when they updated and enlarged the locker rooms. They installed all new lockers with combination locks, showers and sinks, and also included a sauna and hot tub in both the men’s and women’s spaces. There is now plans to add an indoor swimming pool, and I am so exctited wait. While my gym membership becomes a little more costly each year, I am willing to invest more into the better benefits.

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