Having hardwood floors stripped and waxed

When I first moved into my home, the floors were super shiny.

I see the reflection off them in the sunlight.

The flooring throughout the house is hardwood, with porcelain tile flooring installed in the kitchen and bathrooms. After a few years, I was unhappy that the floors were looking less shiny. Eventually they looked quite dull. This was aggravating because I worked so hard to keep them clean. I didn’t think much could be done about it. I didn’t want to sand the wood down and deal with that kind of mess. I mentioned my concerns to my brother. He asked if I had ever considered floor waxing. I wasn’t aware I could hire professionals to restore my hardwood flooring. My brother told me that the shine on wooden floors wears away after a while. To restore them to like-new condition, it was necessary to have the floor stripped and waxed. He gave me the number for a commercial floor stripping and waxing service in the local area. I looked them up and found that they specialize in all kinds of floor repair. I was excited to have finally found a solution to the issues with the floors! The service was much less expensive than I anticipated. This commercial floor cleaning service also offers tile floor cleaning options. I was able to have the grout cleaned and stains removed. The whole process was completed in a single day. They stripped and waxed the hardwood, shined up the tile floors and took care of the grout. The flooring in the house now looks like new again. I am so happy with this cleaning contractor. Now I know that when the finish wears away, I can have them come back and fix it.

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