I couldn’t find a new HEPA filter anywhere

I am certainly aggravated right now, You see, every year for as long as I can remember, I have been using high quality air filters for my a/c! I use high quality air conditioner filters, not only for the health of my heating and cooling unit, but also for our own health as well, everyone knows the best HVAC filters are obviously HEPA filters! Because of this HEPA filters are fairly popular, however that never proved to be a problem until now, and what happened was a few weeks ago, the local heating and a/c corporations had a big discount on a lot of their items, HEPA filters being one of the main items. I thought about buying some, although I thought I still had a good amount of the filters left, unfortunately I was wrong, and when I went to change out our air conditioner’s filter, I realized I was completely out! I went to 5 local heating and a/c stores to see if they had any HEPA filters in stock, and all of them were completely sold out, it was crazy, and the worst part was not only were they out of those filters, however they were also out of all of the good filters, second best to the HEPA filters, all they had left was the cheap air conditioner filters, and knowing that my Heating and A/C component couldn’t go without a filter, I had to buy one of the crappy cheap ones that isn’t doing anything for my heating and A/C unit.. I would have thought they would have been back in stock by now, however it’s been a few weeks and they are still not back in stock, so I am stuck with the cheap filters.


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