I did the work for free for the single mom

I’m trying to start my own HVAC repair business.

On weekends, I advertise my services online. My boss knows that I am trying to start my own HVAC repair business. I have been working for the company for 15 years. My boss knows I’m not trying to take any of his business, so he has been very lenient. Last weekend, a woman called when her air conditioner broke down. She called my ad, because I was cheaper than any other person online. I got to the house and I checked on the HVAC system. I had some bad news for the woman. The AC unit required a part that was $140. The cost to install the part was another $200. I figured it would take 3 hours total for the job. The woman started to break down and cry when I gave her the amount of the invoice. She didn’t have any money and she was a single mom. I felt bad for the lady, so I decided to give her a break on the installation fees. I agreed to install the HVAC part for free and she paid $140 for the part. She was very happy and excited when she heard the deal. She promised that she would try to pay me back for the installation fees. She even wanted the address for the HVAC company, so she could periodically send small payments. I told the woman that was not necessary, and I told her that I was starting out as well. I thought it was good karma to do a helpful and honest deed for someone else.

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