I needed sun control window film repairs.

Every one of us had a terrible storm go through our section about a month ago.

I have a few scratches in our solar window film & I wanted to have it repaired.

I thought maybe I could do the repair on our own, even though I was wrong. Repairing window films is easily not our forte. I went online & I looked up all the information on how to repair window films. With the scratches, I learn that you needed to get a razor blade & cut a square around the scratches. You carefully measured a new piece of window film & cut it out with an excess of a single inch overhang. You spray the newly revealed section with water, & carefully put the new window film patch over the area, but i had extra film on all sides. Nothing in the tutorial told myself and others if I should remove the excess or press it down & let it overlap. Overlapping left a darker square right in the middle of our window film. I now started looking to see how to remove the patch. Apparently, the only thing I was able to do, is remove the entire window film. I didn’t want to go through all that. I tried to remove the patch so I could patch the section I had already patched. What I was ending up with was a sizable mess & a greater hole. I was ready to put a fourth patch on the window when our partner came outside. She had called the window film supplier that had done our installation & they were coming over to try to repair our repair.


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