I started a nutrition training plan with an experienced coach

I know, I know, I would say to my friends, I will actually stick to a diet this time. I have told my friend’s multiple times that I will definitely start dieting and not stop, but every time without fail, that bag of chips would win over my attention once again. I mean come on, if you have the choice, what sounds better, a pizza or a stack of broccoli? Exactly. I guess one of my friends was tired of seeing me fail repeatedly, because she introduced someone to me who I later found out was a nutrition lifestyle coach. A nutrition training coach would be able to help me not only diet, but reach my nutritional needs and encourage me to have healthier habits, and to choose healthier food. I wasn’t really keen on working with this person, but my friend was insistent. Besides, she actually brought up a really good point, she even pointed out that I am even getting too lazy to go out and get food myself. I have lately been relying on local meal delivery to just bring the prepared meals to me. Speaking of meal prep, that is something that this training coach would teach, as well as giving me my own customized nutritional program and nutritional training plan. I preferred prepared meal delivery services to my home, not all of this nutritional stuff. But, I decided to go ahead and at least give it a try, my friend even offered to pay for it if it meant helping me get back into shape.

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