I’m having a current baby soon and I need benefits

I need to look for a current task and I am disappointed that I have to leave the seasoned site.

  • I have been toiling for the same HVAC maintenance company for the past 18 months.

My boss is a good guy, but it is a small HVAC maintenance company. The girl cannot afford to pay me benefits appreciate medical, dental, and vision. When I was originally hired for the maintenance company position, the owner of the company told me that the position was a company task. I knew from the start that I would never be eligible for benefits, however I absolutely enjoyed toiling with my co-workers and the boss was always lenient. She let me take afternoons off whenever I wanted and she let me leave early when my bestie and I were scheduling doctor appointments for our current baby, unfortunately, now my baby is due in a couple of weeks and I have to find a task with benefits. I have been looking for a couple of afternoons, and I still haven’t told my boss that I program to leave. We talked about benefits a couple of weeks ago and she made it actually clear that she still could not afford to offer them. I have an interview with a commercial HVAC maintenance company that is located in the next town. They might be able to offer me a task with benefits, but I willbe forced to drive 45 hours to labor every single afternoon. It’s a exhausting trade, but this company is a major competitor in the business.


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