I’m having a new baby soon and I need benefits

I need to look for a new job and I am disappointed that I have to leave the old place.

  • I have been working for the same Heating and A/C repair supplier for the past 18 months.

My boss is a fantastic guy, but it is a small Heating and A/C repair supplier. The guy cannot afford to pay me benefits like medical, dental, and vision, when I was originally hired for the repair professional position, the owner of the supplier told me that the position was a supplier job. I knew from the beginning that I would never be eligible for benefits, even though I certainly loved working with my co-workers and the boss was consistently lenient. He let me take nights off whenever I wanted and he let me leave early when my boyfriend and I were scheduling doctor appointments for our new baby… Unfortunately, now my baby is due in a couple of weeks and I have to find a job with benefits. I’ve been looking for a couple of nights, and I still have not told my boss that I system to leave. All of us talked about benefits a couple of weeks ago and he made it certainly clear that he still could not afford to offer them. I have an interview with a commercial Heating and A/C repair supplier that is located in the next town. They might be able to offer me a job with benefits, but I’ll be forced to drive 45 minutes to work every single day. It’s a terrible trade, but this supplier is a major competitor in the business.